Tahitian Dance Classes Oahu

Tunui hails from a long impressive lineage of Tahitian entertainers and musicians. At an early age, his Tupuna recognized his talents and abilities.  Tunui was groomed to carry on the family traditions and legacy.


In 2015, Tunui Celebrated his 40th anniversary in the industry of entertainment and teaching polynesian dance.  Over the years he has perfected his craft and developed a style uniquely his own, by incorporating many dance forms into his choreography.  He is known as a leader in his field and strives to continually set higher standards for his students as well as his professional dancers.


Tunui is also celebrated as one of the top costume designers in Tahitian and Polynesian dance.  His costumes are sought after by dancers all over the world, and a great many of his designs have won first place in mulitple dance conpetitions.


In 2013, Tunui opened dance studios in Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan.  He is also affiliated with other studios internationally.  Throughout his career, Tunui has performed professionally in Japan, North America, Europe, South America, The Middle East and continues to "Wow" audiences with his beautiful professional dancers, choreography and costumes.